Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Making note cards from your art -Part 2

There are different ways to go about making note cards from your artwork. You could order them from an online service, where you send them your digital image(s), design the cards online, and receive your cards in the mail. You could also have them made at a local print shop, or you could make them at home. After doing quite a bit of research and weighing my options (and prices!), I decided to make mine at home. I knew I was in it for the long haul and that making an investment in the beginning would save money in the end. Plus I never have to worry about minimum orders or other hassles of dealing with another company.

The printer I had at the time was not up to the job, so I purchased a new one. There are many suitable choices in printers, but I eventually decided on a nice home inkjet printer: an HP Officjet Pro 8500. It is a multipurpose printer, which means I can also use it to scan, copy, and fax. I find these additional functions very useful.

The next decision to be made was what kind of paper to use. I have experimented with several choices, and my personal favorite, and type usually use is a glossy white cover stock in standard 8.5 x 11 inches. I find that the glossy paper gives a more professional look, and the cover stock is nice and heavy. Another thing to consider is whether you will buy paper that is pre-perforated and scored for card making, or if you will cut and fold your own. If you choose to do your own, as I have, you will need a paper cutter ( you won't get professional results with scissors!) and a bone-type paper scorer/folder. (Available online or at most craft stores) You can shop around at your local paper suppliers, and there are tons of online suppliers, as well. A couple of online paper sources with large selections are paperworks.com and thepapermillstore.com. (These are suggestions based on my own research, and I am not being paid to name them!) I have ordered from paperworks.com several times before and was pleased with the service and product.

Once you've decided your printing method(s) and paper choice(s), you are ready to move on to the fun part: designing your notecards! More on that in Making note cards from your art- Part 3.

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